Data for everyone

ZogoTech's data warehouse and analytics tools deliver specialized, powerful ways of manipulating student and institutional data for everyday and long-term decision making. Now everyone, from Executives to Student Services personnel, IR and IT can leverage data to improve institutional performance.

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How does it work?

Predictive Analytics

Identify personalized risk factors for each student. Use data to find out what really puts students at-risk.

At-Risk Indicators

Proactively intervene with students on an individual or group basis.

Outcomes Assessment

Demonstrate the success of interventions and strategic changes.

Secure & Centralized Data

Automate data gathering and cleansing within a safe and secure environment.

Cohort Tracking

Isolate groups of students and follow their progress over time.

Timely Report Generation

Answer ad-hoc requests and deliver reports to those who need them.

So who benefits?

Our president and board of trustees made a conscious decision to become more data driven, and it was that decision, first and foremost, that led to the relationship between Odessa College and ZogoTech. – Donald Wood, PhD, Chief Academic Officer & VP of Institutional Effectiveness, Odessa College
What ZogoTech has done in the past and continues to do in unique and grand style is listen. The skill and patience at the lost art of listening is the core to what they've helped us accomplish. It has meant that our needs are not only met, but often surpassed. – Blaine Bennett, PhD, VP of Student Services, Southwest Texas Junior College
The thirst for data has become huge. Everyone wants data and every decision made on this campus is based on data; we truly are a culture of evidence and ZogoTech helped us enhance that campus-wide. – David Leavitt, JD, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Bunker Hill Community College

Featured Case Studies

Data for everyone

At most community colleges it can take days and even weeks to answer questions like, how many students are at risk? Once a student enrolls in class X, how long does it take him/her to pass it? How long before he/she will enroll in/pass the subsequent class?

ZogoTech’s data warehouse and analytics tools consolidate the data needed to address such concerns. The resulting metrics can be viewed in thorough ad-hoc reports, in comprehensive student profiles, and in executive dashboards and scorecards -- enabling everyone at every level to easily access the information they need, when it’s needed.

Watch the demo

Look for an email from ZogoTech with your demo link.