Customer Support

Service and support for ZogoTech software comes directly from the engineers who built it. We work directly with customers to create solutions that meet the needs of each college and university, and we’re there at each step of implementing those solutions. You’ll have unlimited access to technical support by phone or email, invitations to online trainings, webinars, and workshops. And, in joining the ZogoTech family, you’ll have access to a network of leaders who are revolutionizing the use of data in higher education.

Mission-based. Value driven.

We provide quick and easy access to knowledgeable people. Delivering on this promise requires reinvestment, year-in and year-out, in human capital and training. At ZogoTech, the long-term commitment to service isn’t just good business, it is mission-based, and value driven.

Learn more about ZogoTech’s customer support from our clients in this video.

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