• Executive Scorecards & Dashboards

    Gain a view to progress on Key Performance Indicators and specific problem areas with data that’s tied directly to your strategic plan, updated daily and available immediately, without waiting for other departments.

  • Access to Mission-Critical Data

    Discover what’s happening on campus, and precisely where success is occuring or changes need to be made, by managing, integrating, and analyzing end-results reports.

  • Democratize Data Access

    Get to one version of the truth and empower everyone at your college with the information they need to make data-informed decisions without waiting on data from other offices

Powered by ZogoTech.

Colleges and universities around the country are using ZogoTech to enable executives to quantify and monitor strategic goals. Dashboards and balanced scorecards give institutional leaders instant access to the metrics that matter most. As a result of this unprecedented access to comprehensive and accurate data, ZogoTech users are better able to tackle the big issues: raising completion and retention rates, assessing institutional performance, and using data to drive solutions.

ZogoTech is transforming higher education by giving decision makers a clear view of what’s happening on campus, and what can be done to improve. Contact us to learn more about what ZogoTech can do for you.