• Target Student Groups/Track Cohorts

    Define and identify a cohort of students to determine the most effective intervention, then track those students over time, all without needing to rely on IR/IT.

  • Measure Effectiveness

    Assess the outcomes of grant programs with retention, completion, and transfer data linked to intervention analysis.

  • Advanced Analysis

    Access insights on how you’re progressing towards your stated goals, how much you’ve improved developmental education, and target interventions accordingly.

Powered by ZogoTech.

Colleges and universities are using ZogoTech to make their funding go further than ever before, using data to uncover new opportunities and retrieving the numbers they need to qualify. Instant access to information on institutional outcomes allows you to track progress towards grant objectives while clearly displayed dashboards let you see how resources are being allocated. The data enables smart decision making by delivering a clear picture of how your grant program is performing.

At Western Texas College, program administrators have used new funds to purchase technology resources and tracked the effect of these resources in the classroom. Bunker Hill Community College has used ZogoTech to retrieve the data needed to qualify for Achieving the Dream, and is creating a culture of evidence with this unprecedented access to information.

ZogoTech is transforming higher education by giving institutions the data they need to understand what’s happening in each program and department. Access to data is uncovering solutions, giving decision makers the tools they need to improve. Get in touch to learn how ZogoTech can help you.