• Secure & Centralized Data

    Automated data gathering and cleansing of multiple data sources, all from one location. You can now organize and distribute data on the fly, meeting daily requests as soon as they come in and opening time for long-term projects.

  • Timely Report Generation

    Answer ad-hoc requests and deliver reports to those who need them, when they’re needed, by quickly integrating numerous metrics and visually representing data in a wide variety of formats.

  • Empower End-users

    Grant select permissions to departments, enabling end-users to access the data they need and leaving you free to perform multidimensional, longitudinal analyses.

Data, delivered by ZogoTech.

Institutional researchers are using ZogoTech to grant end-users direct access to data. By enabling other departments to do their jobs well, researchers are free to analyze data, rather than generate time-consuming reports. The user-friendly interface displays in a flexible web-based environment that enables researchers, executives, and administrators to view and analyze the data needed for everyday decisions. Tools like reports on daily enrollments and mail-merge expedite everyday tasks, meaning that attention can be focused on big picture issues like student success and institutional performance.

ZogoTech’s data warehouse consolidates information from your ERP along with data from sources such as National Student Clearinghouse, among others. The resulting metrics can be viewed in Excel, SPSS, or SAS. Shifting to this method of data gathering and analysis has helped colleges and universities create a culture of evidence and nurture a thirst for data on campus.

At Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, ZogoTech users are getting the data they need to better serve specific student groups.  Data quality and availability has improved at McLennan Community College, allowing administrators to make timely, data-driven decisions.

ZogoTech is expanding the reach of data in higher education. Accurate and secure data is delivered to those who need it, when they need it. Time once spent gathering data and compiling reports is now spent analyzing that information and fostering a culture of evidence. Let us know what your data needs are, and learn how ZogoTech can improve access on your campus.