• A Universe of Student Data

    Give advisors a portal to access comprehensive student data. They can now track cohorts of students and add notes on interventions. Those notes, in turn, become part of the ZogoTech data warehouse, and by automatically merging that information with data from numerous other sources, ZogoTech allows you to carefully filter reports, so decision makers can measure the success of specific interventions or precisely target groups of students.

  • Alerts and At-risk Indicators

    Intervene with students at the right time by identifying who is at risk and what can be done to help. Pre-calculated indicators give you a list of students who require intervention, even before the semester begins. Receive notifications on at-risk students and check in with cohorts of students while also communicating about student needs with multiple departments, faculty, and staff.

  • Outcomes Assessment

    The ability to intervene with more students comprehensively and at a faster pace is coupled with the power to assess those interventions and measure their effectiveness. Data from numerous sources, including information from internal databases and data being collected by advisors, enable you to meet the requirements of grant programs, accrediting agencies, or local stakeholders.

Proactively intervene, with ZogoTech.

Student Services departments and advisors know that each student is unique, and as a result, requires a unique combination of resources and support. The ability to retrieve, on-demand, a complete picture of student performance allows you to react while there’s still time, intervening when it matters most. ZogoTech provides instant access to data from your ERP and other sources such as National Student Clearinghouse, giving you access to information on enrollment, financial aid, and academic history while simultaneously allowing you to store contact notes, personalize email messages, and share data with your colleagues.

In Boston, at Bunker Hill Community College, success coaches are logging and sharing contact notes to track the progress of learning communities, while at Southwest Texas Junior College, advisors are using data to create intervention programs for at-risk students.

Colleges and universities are using ZogoTech to connect with students on a deeper level. Access to comprehensive student data enables these departments to expand the reach of advising and gauge the success of students and programs. Learn more about how ZogoTech can help your department best serve your students.