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From Probation to Aspen Prize Top 10 Finalist: Southwest Texas Junior College’s Amazing Transformation


Blaine Bennett, PhD, Vice President of Student Services, Southwest Texas Junior College
Dick Whipple, Associate Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Southwest Texas Junior College

In 2011, Southwest Texas Junior College (SWTJC) was chosen as a Top 10 Finalist for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, a monumental achievement given that the college was placed on probation by its accrediting agency (SACSCOC) in 2007.

What accounts for SWTJC’s dramatic turnaround? While probation was the “catalyst,” joining Achieving the Dream provided the blueprint for change, encouraging the college to deliberately move from a culture of “best guess” to one based on evidence. With ZogoTech’s data warehouse and analytics tools, SWTJC can easily access data to track student cohorts longitudinally, identify specific groups the institution can help to succeed, and put interventions in place designed to move students toward success, rather than reacting to their failure.

How Many Students Do You Want? Using Data to Determine Your Enrollment Potential


Paul Illich, PhD, Vice President of Research, Planning, and Information Technology, McLennan Community College

McLennan Community College (MCC) uses ZogoTech’s data warehouse to predict enrollment growth (or decline) within 1%, before registration even begins. Through the use of market analysis and an enrollment prediction model, MCC has been able to precisely understand the market demand within the community and accurately position the college to meet it. Even when experiencing declines, the college’s ability to adjust and prepare, enables them to provide services as efficiently as possible. In addition, MCC has used data to proactively decrease the college’s dependence on state aid, significantly increase the rate of enrollment growth, and look at profit / loss by section to ensure the college is growing cost-effectively. With this information at their disposal, leaders at MCC are able to ask, “How many students do we want?” and then use those data to meet the figure they set, within the constraints of market demand. Though enrollment cannot be increased arbitrarily, many colleges are dramatically underestimating their enrollment potential. In this webinar, Dr. Paul Illich will walk through the specifics of this prediction strategy, citing the data and the success MCC has experienced to explain how other colleges can benefit as well.

Best Practices in Dashboard Design


Michael Taft, CEO, ZogoTech
Eleanor Hooker, Marketing, ZogoTech

As Edward Tufte said, “If your numbers are boring, then you’ve got the wrong numbers.” In this webinar, we will discuss the work done with six community colleges over four years to develop compelling dashboards for displaying institutional progress. We will focus on the most powerful ways of displaying visual information, discuss sources for community college KPIs, touch on best practices for developing key performance indicators (KPIs), and strategies for getting everyone on the same (dashboard) page! For more resources on how to create your own dashboards, read our blog post on how you can use existing tools and save money.

Note: This presentation will cover the same material that has been reviewed in the past, along with some new examples.

An Introduction to Dashboards in Higher Education


Jeffrey Seybert, PhD, Director of the National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute
Michael Taft, CEO, ZogoTech

This webinar will present an overview of the design and implementation of dashboards in higher education. Topics will include the need for and purpose of dashboards, as well as the components and characteristics of effective dashboards. Learn more about Jeff’s extensive experience as a consultant for colleges and universities around the world by reading his biography. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be defined and described, sources of KPIs discussed, and a detailed example presented. Several dashboards will be illustrated in detail and strengths of and challenges involved in dashboard implementation will be discussed. Time will be provided for questions and discussion.

Note: This is a free webinar provided by ZogoTech to its clients and open to the greater educational community.

Going Beyond Grades In Assessing Student Learning


Dick Whipple, MS, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Southwest Texas Junior College
Blaine Bennett, PhD, Dean of Institutional Advancement and Technology, Southwest Texas Junior College

Learn how consolidating data on student learning from multiple sources (including course grades, pre- and post-assessments, attendance, and student activities) have changed the approach to assessment at Southwest Texas Junior College.

Identifying Key Performance Indicators: The Foundation of an Institutional Dashboard


Eddie Hadlock, PhD, President, North Central Texas College
Lee Ann Nutt, PhD, Vice President of Instruction, North Central Texas College
Jeff Seybert, PhD, Director, National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute

Learn about the institutional dashboard, a graphic display of critical institutional information in a succinct, easily understood, visually appealing format. Explore key performance indicators (KPIs), the steps necessary to identify KPIs, and one college’s experience with the process that produced its initial KPIs.

Building a Culture of Evidence With a User-Friendly Data Warehouse


Debbie Smarr, PhD, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Grayson Community College

See how access to accurate and relevant data enabled this institution to make informed decisions and cultivate a culture of evidence to support continuous improvement. Grayson Community College and ten other community colleges partnered with ZogoTech and Educational Systems Products (ESP) to transform their enterprise information system into a relational data warehouse with point and click analysis.

Developing An Institutional Dashboard


Laura Berry, PhD, Dean of Arts and Sciences, North Arkansas College
Jeff Seybert, PhD, National Higher Education Benchmarking  Institute

Learn how North Arkansas College’s AQIP Action Project team identified Key Performance Indicators and related measures that comprise their “Institutional Scorecard” and published the results in an online Dashboard. North Arkansas’ dashboard is powered by ZogoTech, but the process is not dependent on specific software.

Using Data to Improve Developmental Education


Michael Taft, President & CEO, ZogoTech

Several colleges are using ZogoTech to improve developmental education. Learn about the difficulties in measuring this data, and how one school was able to challenge inaccurate and long-held assumptions about college-level algebra. Finally, we’ll discuss how an Achieving the Dream leader college increased gateway course completion.

Getting Dirty with Data


David Brown, North Central Texas College

North Central Texas College (NCTC) is getting dirty with data. In the past it has been a heavy burden for the IS and IR offices to keep up with a multitude of data requests. Now with the help of a new tool, they are empowering the rest of the campus to get dirty with data, too. Come learn how they took the data process bottle neck and turned it into a gold mine of efficiency for the entire campus.

Tracking Cohorts of Students for Achieving the Dream, Title III & Title V Grants


Blaine Bennett, PhD, Vice President of Student Services, Southwest Texas Junior College
David Leavitt, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Bunker Hill Community College

In this session, Blaine Bennett and David Leavitt discuss how they  use ZogoTech to isolate groups of students and track learning outcomes for each cohort. In addition, they demonstrate how access to those data have influenced wide-spread use of data for decision making on campus.

Community College IR: Improving Data Access and Analysis with a User-Friendly Data Warehouse


Michael Taft, President & CEO, ZogoTech
Natalie A. Kistner, PhD, Client Engagement Manager, ZogoTech

In this webinar, we discuss how two-year colleges have used ZogoTech’s data warehousing and business intelligence tools to become more data-driven. Michael Taft walks viewers through a demo of ZogoTech’s product focusing on how IR offices can take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to data collection and analysis.

ADVANCEing a Culture of Evidence Through Collaboration


Stacey Randall, PhD, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Waubonsee Community College

This presentation will examine the value of collaboration to a successful data warehouse implementation. The presentation will focus on building connections from the idea development, research and requirements gathering, product choice, initial deployment and data quality processes. Tips will be shared on how to integrate all areas throughout the institution and build buy-in for data-informed decision-making.

Reducing Student Drop-Out Rates: Odessa College’s Drop Rate Improvement Program (DRIP)


Donald Wood, PhD, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Odessa College

In this presentation, Dr. Don Wood will discuss Odessa College’s Drop Rate Improvement Program. Developed as a result of findings from a retrospective study of student drops conducted using ZogoTech’s data warehouse and analytics tools, the program seeks to  lower the rate of students dropping courses by improving the student-instructor relationship. Dr. Wood will share information about the research that led to the program’s creation, implementation of the program itself, and results to date; a direct, positive effect on improving student retention rates.

Now That We Have a Data Warehouse, What Does That Mean for Our IR Office?


Nick Branson, Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning, College of Lake County

In this webinar, Nick Branson, Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning at the College of Lake County (CLC), will discuss how an IR office can help users around the institution access and interact with data using ZogoTech’s intuitive tools. Nick will demonstrate uses of the data warehouse for academic department review, marketing strategies, and monitoring enrollment during a registration period. More importantly, the discussion will highlight how the role of the IR office develops as departments outside of the office gain greater access to data. Discussion of how attendees have fostered data use around their respective institutions is welcome during a Q & A session.

Advising: From the Stone Age to the New Millennium


De’Aira Holloway, Director, Academic Advising and Educational Planning, North Lake College
Nate Simpson, Associate Dean, Student Support Services, Eastfield College

In this webinar, De’Aira Holloway and Nate Simpson discuss how they used data to completely overhaul the highly manual, reactive advising process in place at their respective colleges into one that is proactive, intrusive, and focused on student success.